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Art theft is a crime, yo
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[P] Kiana sitting by TheGreenOreo [P] Kiana sitting :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 5 0 [D] idk take a doodle by TheGreenOreo [D] idk take a doodle :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 1 0 [WIP] idk if i wanna finish this but here take it by TheGreenOreo [WIP] idk if i wanna finish this but here take it :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 2 5 [P] Headshot thing idk by TheGreenOreo [P] Headshot thing idk :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 4 0 [FA] Homura Akemi Finished w/terrible face edition by TheGreenOreo [FA] Homura Akemi Finished w/terrible face edition :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 12 0 [FA] Homura Akemi by TheGreenOreo [FA] Homura Akemi :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 4 0 [R] Tina by TheGreenOreo [R] Tina :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 10 6 [P] Female doodle by TheGreenOreo [P] Female doodle :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 6 0 [P] whoops its he-man hair by TheGreenOreo [P] whoops its he-man hair :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 5 0 [P] Design Concept  #1 by TheGreenOreo [P] Design Concept #1 :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 13 2 [WIP] there is no good title for this face by TheGreenOreo [WIP] there is no good title for this face :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 4 0 [P] I tried to eye i swea r by TheGreenOreo [P] I tried to eye i swea r :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 6 0 [P] SEND HELP ALL MY TITLES ARE THE SAME by TheGreenOreo [P] SEND HELP ALL MY TITLES ARE THE SAME :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 8 1 [D/FA] Late Night Doodles by TheGreenOreo [D/FA] Late Night Doodles :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 5 0 [P] all my art is the same and im sorry by TheGreenOreo [P] all my art is the same and im sorry :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 2 0 [P] Whoops Its A Profile View by TheGreenOreo [P] Whoops Its A Profile View :iconthegreenoreo:TheGreenOreo 2 0
yeahhhh im a disapointment

that's also a closeted weeaboo.


A Simple sketch,  Just for those who  Don't/Can't afford the other commissions

Leave a ref plz bb
Male Headshot - Halfbody - Lineart ( Sort of WIP )
Male headshot - 30 Points
Male Halfbody - 40 points
Note me details or in the donation pool Description.
Since dA Will take 6 out of 30 points, so on so forth.
Halfbody/Halfbody w/ Skirt ( FEMALE )
Only Colored available.
Send me  Reference sheet of said character.
Gif Commissions ( W.I.P )
A Gif of an OC/character.

Nothing huge, i'm only starting out

GIF commissions are on hold until i get better along with getting other commissions done!
Female Headshot
a headshot of a Female character, Note me a REference sheet/Reference for The character
20 points For LineArt.
5 More points for flat Color
10 Points for Shading With color 
I will try to add Hatch shading if its just lineart c:

NOTE: This is NOT the Sale version.
15 Points, send Via donation pool with " Commission payment " And with a Reference of the Character.
A Quick Lil' Chibi Drawing, 5 Extra points for color, you can send the extra 5 in the donation pool
Aura is 1 Extra point
Female - Fullbody Colored
A Bit more expensive, But i think its worth it.
Aura is 5 extra points depending on complexity.
Female - Fullbody No color
Send a link to Said Character.


Underwater by Krystaki Underwater :iconkrystaki:Krystaki 52 3 Untitled by mokurenawakened Untitled :iconmokurenawakened:mokurenawakened 4 0 Fairy Tail OC Animation: WIP by xJayna Fairy Tail OC Animation: WIP :iconxjayna:xJayna 14 3 Spark by Ondinie Spark :iconondinie:Ondinie 2 0 If i could tell her (Point Commission) by naty7913 If i could tell her (Point Commission) :iconnaty7913:naty7913 14 14 Avi by justlevitate Avi :iconjustlevitate:justlevitate 2 0 {SET PRICE} 0/2 CLOSED by kwibbles {SET PRICE} 0/2 CLOSED :iconkwibbles:kwibbles 27 14 {AUCTION} Space Bab CLOSED by kwibbles {AUCTION} Space Bab CLOSED :iconkwibbles:kwibbles 32 8 {OTA} Cosmic Brownie CLOSED by kwibbles {OTA} Cosmic Brownie CLOSED :iconkwibbles:kwibbles 28 27 DemonFace UPDATED by Baylorface DemonFace UPDATED :iconbaylorface:Baylorface 20 3 +Zelda+ by larienne +Zelda+ :iconlarienne:larienne 2,556 101 +Luna and Noctis - Stand by Me+ by larienne +Luna and Noctis - Stand by Me+ :iconlarienne:larienne 8,725 315 +Usagi+ by larienne +Usagi+ :iconlarienne:larienne 5,777 0 +Our Place+ by larienne +Our Place+ :iconlarienne:larienne 10,813 778 +I'm okay+ by larienne +I'm okay+ :iconlarienne:larienne 3,253 89 Moon Elf by larienne Moon Elf :iconlarienne:larienne 3,825 68


alright, this Drawing is Pretty Good honestly, but I think it could Use some improvement: The Toes Look A bit to much like Circles, I t...

Hello, So i see that your doing Portraits, Awesome! so theres 2 things i find odd about this The Eyes & Eyebrows Look a bit off, Maybe ...


TheGreenOreo has started a donation pool!
100 / 5,000

help a starving artist

totally needs


If a Commission is less then 10 points, Just pay for it Here, Just have the message say " Commission payment "

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fate weeb
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Ah, Hello there, And welcome to my profile, Feel free to call me Minty or Oreo, I'd like to say that I don't really take DeviantArt 100% Seriously, so please take whatever I say with a grain of Salt, Thank you!

Do NOT Thank me for Favorites, Watches, Or Llamas!
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Casting Call club:…


I'll be gone ( Any unable to connect to any internet )  from the 25th of June - 7th of July.
i now have an icon the represents my view on life.
I CRY by TheGreenOreo
tfw you opened up requests and only 1 person joins cccc';
I'm hopefully going to make a webcomic soon, I just need to finish a few character descriptions, designs, and a starting plot.

tfw its only character conflict cause you don't have a  p l o t
Stolen from :iconloulabeiie: im sorry fren

Cuteness: 5 /8
[x] You have blue/green eyes (Blue eyes )
[ ] You have freckles ( i only see gingers with freckles o,o )
[/]You blush a lot (screw you lancer stop being acctractive  Anime Emoji (Blush Oh yay dance) [V6] )
[x] You giggle ( if laughing uncontrollobly counts then y e s )
[x] You're quiet (Around most people, I just don't know how to start convorsations :P (Lick) 0 
[X] You say random things (It's a habit screamsss)
[ ] You have a baby face ( like i know the difference )
[x] You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of clothing (the hell is that supposed to mean )
Innocence: 6 / 7
[X] You're a virgin ( no i've slept with 35 guys and 15 girls obviously )
[X] Just thinking of sexual things make you blush (you got me whoos )
[/] Your idea of a date is really romantic ( hngggg i donno
[x] You sleep with a stuffed animal (whoops you got me again )
[ ] You like to cuddle 
[x] You never played the nervous game (whOAT )
[x] You don't even know what the nervous game is (wHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A HOLY HOUSE )

Colors:8 / 9
[/] You like the color pink (eh )
[ ] You tend to wear light colors (Not usually
[x] You CAN be ignorant (yOU GOT ME BB )
[x] You consider yourself shy (depends )
[x] You like happy, upbeat music (Depends )
[x] You like "cutesy" music ( i guess )
[/] You like babies a lot (Ehhhh )
[x] Mini version of things make you go nuts. ( KITTENS ARE TO ADORABL I A M SORYY )

Girlish: i give up on counting
[x] I love at least one shade of pink (Yeeeah )
[/] I don't like being messy. (sometimes i give up on life and stop caring )
[/] My belongings are organised. (i try
[ ] I don't like rock music. (no w or dss ReTSGF )
[ ] I like wearing accessories all the time. (Eh, They're fine
[/ ] Bright colors amaze me. ( Depends on how they're used
[ ] I hate black. ( kk )
[ ] I go to the salon once a week (like five times in my lifetime
[/] I comb my hair almost all the time. (lolno )
[/] I bring my phone with me everywhere. (flip phone whoops )

Boyish: i said i was done with countuing baby
[/] I wear baggy pants. (Sorta ) 
[x] I play video games. ( Not really boyish, but I do play them, depends on the game usually. )
[/] I listen to boy bands. ( Not usualy )
[x] I like wearing jackets with hoods. (my winter wear )
[/] I'm too lazy to do chores. (I do them every morning before i get on my computer i have no choice lmao )
[/] I don't like shopping. (*runs to weeby shop* ) 
[ ] I like to go bungee jumping. (wh a t )
[ ] I like being sweaty. (NOT KINKY EN O UGH )
[x] I'm a big fan of Marvel heroes. ( I like the movies. so eh )
[ ] I barely wear perfume. (i don't wear purfume. )

Nerdy: stop asking
[/] I always carry a pen in my purse or pocket. (hOW DID YTOU KNOW )
[ ] I enjoy studying. (homeschooled )
[ ] I wear glasses. (nope )
[ ] I'm a straight "A" student. (im homeschooled )
[ ] I've never skipped any class in my whole life. (stOP OPRESSING ME THIS POOR LITTLE HOMESCHOOLER REEE )
[/] I like my shirt tucked in. (depends )
[ ] My favorite subject is science. (nope, don't really have a fav subject )
[/] I enjoy reading books. ( Meh, Depends on the type of book. )
[ ] My assignments are always passed on time. 
[/] I correct people with their grammar.

Emo: i said no
[/] I love the color black. ( MEH, I like it. )
[/] I always sit at the corner. ( screw the corner i cry and block the door gET ON MY LEVEL )
[] One side of my hair is covering one side of my face unless behind ear. ( are you a emo animu girl now? )
[x] I like listening to metal rock music. ( I don't listen to it often, but when i do, i just listen to Run to the Hills x5000 )
[/] I have a lot of problems in my life. (Not really, the only problems i have in life are emotional issues, And not understanding things. )
[/] I'm not much of a loud person. (I try to go unnoticed sometimes, but sometimes i laugh uncontrollobly and scare the entire resturaunt. )
[ ] I don't have that many friends.
[/] I barely have fun. ( Really does depend, since i don't talk to people in V/C Or outside of my family, I guess??? )
[/] I barely go out with my folks or friends. ( depends of the timing really )

Childish: this is racism against women n o w
[ ] I am open to my parents. ( I don't like to be open with people, I'm afraid of judgment. )
[x] I sleep with a stuffed toy. 
[x] I watch cartoons. ( Sorta? I don't watch normal TV much. )
[ ] I don't like scary movies. ( when you've only seen 1 actual horror movie )
[x] I sleep with a night light. (im a smol child yes )
[ ] My parents are the ones who choose my outfit. ( Not at all, My mom only does it when we have to go do something special or go to a wedding. )
[x] I'm scared of roller coasters. ( uhm yeah rollerskates scare me )
[x] I like being with my family/relatives. ( Depends
[x] I take bubble baths.
[x] I've run around the house in my underwear.

  • Reading: this hellhole of a journal
  • Drinking: crap gimmie water


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I'm not Dejans siblings

I live in sweden and i'm from albania

Also, Catch Plagrism art is Unicorns exist. :( He's harassing me man please help
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